Do you want to build a Snowman?


Christmas Time Is Here…

Annual trip to McGuckins to see the decorations & get our tree  


Holiday Mugs

Going to need some holiday cups to hold all that hot chocolate 


2015 Gingerbread House


Cupcake Wars (Moody Edition)


Fueling up for the Holidays


RC Airplanes

Jackson is a natural pilot


Annie Visit

We got a couple of precious hours with our niece/cousin Annie who was visiting Denver.


On to the State Finals!

Congrats to Jackson and the Boulder Ninjas who will be making an appearance in the Colorado State Finals of the Lego Robitics competition 

Jackson Turns 12!


Happy Halloween 2015


Getting Ready…

Pumpkin picking & decorating the house 


Grandma’s Crazy Halloween Gifts

Every year GMa sends a box of crazy Halloween gear. This year was no exception! 


Farm to Dinner Special

Sarah surprised me with a special meal


2015 Labor Day, Great Zucchini Race

Another year, another win!





Birthday Celebration

The kids took me to their new favorite place for my birthday 


First Day of School

Matthew enters 4th grade & Amelie enters 2nd grade


Jessie’s Wedding

A perfect day!



First Day of Middle School

Jackson starts the 6th grade